When Weddings Go Wrong


When Weddings Go Wrong
This week in wedding disasters, glass; stabbing; lightning and tasers.

Wedding Disaster.Most weddings go off without a hitch; the bride wears white, couple says "I do," and everyone gets trashed at the reception. But not all weddings go as planned. Below, this week's wedding debacles...

Waiters and barkeeps beware! You may get a little more than a sloppy kiss from a happy bridesmaid at your next job. It must have been the bride and groom's violent love set off a guest at the a celebration in Edinburgh UK, where someone, (an unrequited love, perhaps?) attacked a waiter with a glass water jug creating a blood-covered tablecloth and police investigation. But a little glass in the face has nothing on a knife in the neck, which is what an employee at a Rochester bar received after breaking up a fight during a wedding reception.


A Colorado man was struck by lightening on his wedding day; he was married later that afternoon. Mike Speck was working outside in his trailer when a bolt of lightening struck his neighbor's house, passed through a power line and into Speck's foot. Firemen showed up and wanted to take Speck to the hospital, but, said the hubby-to-be, "I had a wedding to go to." Sparks were flying on that wedding night, for sure.

But this wedding misadventure takes the (wedding) cake:  The bride and groom at a Michigan ceremony were both tasered by police and spent their wedding night in jail. It started when a guest launched a metal lamp through a plate glass window. The gallery owner (the reception was in an art gallery) called the police, but when the arrived the groom protested, yelling "What are you doing? This is my wedding! You're making my wife cry!" The newlywed moved towards the policemen and his wife lunged in to help, and the cops stun-gunned both into submission and toted them off to an overnight holding pen. And it doesn't stop there: two nights later man and wife were tasered again, by police responding to a noise complaint.

But brides-to-be, do not panic! To prevent wedding catastrophes like the above follow these simple steps...

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