Beer Goggles Exist

Beer Goggles Exist

People really do look better after you've been drinking.

Ever woken up after a night out and found the person you're in bed with doesn't look like the hotness you thought you were going home with the night before? Well, science is on your side; that dude did look better last night.

Researchers in England have shown what generations of college students have always known: beer goggles exist. Scientists compared people who downed vodka, wine and beer to those who didn't drink any hooch, and found that the imbibers thought people were more attractive after they drank.

The most surprising finding was that the heterosexual boozers also thought people of their own sex were hotter after partaking, which made the researchers wonder what else people like better after downing a cold one. They're saving that for the next study.

Since we can't escape the beer goggles effect, just make sure that when you bring someone home you've got a Bloody Mary in the fridge to protect yourself from morning-after regret. He really was that hot!


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