Julia Allison's Web Show Reviewed

Julia Allison's Web Show Reviewed

TMI Weekly doesn't live up to its name.

Julia Allison, internet celebrity and Time Out New York Dating columnist, has launched her online talk show, TMI Weekly. The series is part of NonSociety, Allison's vanity project, cough, web venture that showcases her life and those of her two friends, Megan Asha and Mary Rambin.

TMI Weekly episodes are two or three minutes gabfests where Allison and company discuss, as the tagline suggests, "Sex. Tech. Style." The videos want to be a cross between The View and the Sex and the City character's weekly lunches; unfortunately they lack a diversity of viewpoints and make up for it with dramatic facial expressions and giggling.

Each segment is led by one of the women, although Allison, who only leads the sex and dating episodes, often ends up the focus of whatever they're discussing. Allison's first episode is about a guy who stood her up, and how she should respond via text message. The second is about getting nervous on dates. The topics have potential but the conversation doesn't reach very deeply into the women's psyches.

It's too bad, because it would be exciting to pull back the curtain on a girls-only conversation and see what women really talk about when they're alone with their friends. As is, the hosts are all too aware of the camera, so instead of a voyeuristic view inside three womens' mind, TMI Weekly comes off as a glossy, look-at-me-I'm-on-TV performance.

Hopefully TMI Weekly will age like wine, becoming more complex and mature as time passes; right now it's just a slick vision of what the popular girls in high school thought adulthood would be like.


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