A Guide to 'Cougar Dens'

A Guide to 'Cougar Dens'

Where younger guys find their older mates.

Older women with younger men -- I thought it was just a media-fabricated phenomenon. Then I heard a 24-year-old guy friend raving about the 40something ladies in his building who flirt with him like blushing schoolgirls.

"Cougars" are the older women -- perhaps divorced, perhaps never married -- who are looking for fun and no commitments! "Prey" are the younger men these ladies ensnare.

If you are not as lucky with older women as my fetching pal, you may need a little guidance about where the cougars hang out. (And no, it's not the local Chico's.) A visit to urbancougar.com's exhaustive list of cougar dens should do the trick -- the 'cougar den' bars in my home state of Connecticut are hilariously on target.

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