False Info On Baby Spice & Jess Simpson


False Info On Baby Spice & Jess Simpson
Baby Spice NOT getting married. Jessica Simpson NOT pregnant.

Not that it really matters, but it seems like Jessica Simpson went to the Eva Longoria school of 'how to embarrass your professional athlete boyfriend in front of his teammates.' Even as pros, there is a reason locker room talk is called locker room talk. Do you think either of the Tonys (Parker and Romo) ever come home and say, "Hey, would it be cool if you didn't talk about me to the press or anyone else? At least not while the team is together. So, just cork it, maybe, during the preseason, season, playoffs, and possibly Espys. For my part, I will go to all of your awards shows and, of course, give you better sexin' than any half gay actor or singer you've ever dated could. Deal?"

*Note: Figuratively. Even the fertile, young women in entertainment are still more or less limited to being impregnated while ovulating. Like the rest of us. Hey, stars are just like us.