False Info On Baby Spice & Jess Simpson


False Info On Baby Spice & Jess Simpson
Baby Spice NOT getting married. Jessica Simpson NOT pregnant.

First of all, forget what you heard Emma Bunton (nee Baby Spice) getting married any time soon. Her dude, the awesomely named Jade Jones, poo pooed the claim by some media sources that the 2 were going to get married before the end of summer. Which in UK terms was probably like a week ago, Digital Spy reports. But the tabloid press may not be wrong after all, they didn't specify which summer, did they, Jade Jones? You have to wake up pretty early in the morning to put 1 over on the good gossip mongers at The Mirror. FYI, Baby Spice and Jones had a baby last year, a Beau Lee Jones, so they're basically a family already. Weird, Babies having babies, what can you do though? Getting married would probably make it a little difficult to maintain her image as the Baby of the Spice Girls. And all but guarantees that Posh and Becks won't be adopting her.

Another false positive, this 1 a little closer to home. Remember Jessica Simpson's sometimes eccentricities? Chicken or fish et al. According to Entertainmentwise, we can add home pregnancy test reading to that long and distinguished list. Word is that Jessica Simpson took a home pregnancy test, read it inaccurately, and reported the false news to Tony Romo and family. Later, in the cold, harsh light of day, she admitted the mistake. It turned out Romo's family was a little disappointed, given that the 2 are not married (to each other). Talk about your hysterical pregnancies... zing!

Not to be insensitive, but what was she doing taking a pregnancy test? There are 2 reasons and 2 reasons only to take a pregnancy test: 1) checking (and checking and checking) while actively trying to conceive; and 2) a missed period. Sure, Hollywood types in general and the Simpsons in particular, can literally get pregnant anytime.* There is something a little weird about all this, right? And Tony Romo needs to stay vigilant.

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