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Morning News Feed: Wednesday, October 1


Break up compensation cash, fire in a sex shop and gendered debating styles.

In China breaking up is expensive: when a couple calls it quits women sometimes ask for "parting fees"—money for emotional compensation. Via Forbes.

When male and female politicians debate, they take on the communications stereotypes of the other gender. Does this happen when you fight with your husband? Via Science Daily.

A 26-year-old teacher who had sex with a 12-year old student will go to jail for six years. The judge decided she wasn't a sexual predator (she had the maturity level of a junior high schooler) and sentenced her for absconding with the youth to Mexico when he was 13. Via CBS.

Fifteen men died in a sex shop fire in Japan. Via IOL.

Has online dating  lost its stigma? One polls says that 84% of singles 25-39 prefer meeting people on the interwebs. Via Lifehacker.


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