Open Relationships on WEtv

Open Relationships on WEtv
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Tonight, "The Secret Lives of Women" covers four open relationships.

If you're a regular YourTango reader you might be familiar with open relationships. Jenny Block, YourTango writer and author of the book Open: Love, Sex and Life in an Open Marriage, has both a husband and a girlfriend. Dan Eldridge, who pens the blog Marriage Without Monogamy, also has an non-monogamous long-term relationship. But YourTango isn't the only media outlet to tell the stories of people in open relationships.

Set your DVR now, because tonight at 10/9c WE tv is airing an open marriage episode of their series, The Secret Lives of Women. The show focuses on four women with distinct non-monogamous lifestyles:

- Christa and Ken opened their marriage after a threesome with another woman. Christa has two other girlfriends and both husband and wife hook up with outsiders.

- Keysha is a prostitute at Nevada's Kit Kat Ranch who is raising two kids with her long-term partner, Mike.

- Birgitte is the leader of Polyamorous NYC, and has many lovers.

- Dee Dee is the founder of the Black Rose Swing Club, a club for those who enjoy NSA sex.

As you can see from the list above, non-monogamy takes many forms. Love Buzz is excited to see the various arrangements WE tv is portraying. For those of you who work late, the episode is re-airing tonight at 2 am/1c. If you do check it out, come back tomorrow and let us know what you think!


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