Can You Buy Happiness?

By YourTango

Can You Buy Happiness?
Love and money compete in the battle to fulfill women.

But if we keep thinking like this, we'll alienate ourselves completely— and that's just what society wants. Here's the truth: consumer culture targets the single person, convincing us that there is no one in the world like us. The brand of moisturizer my grandma used to wear recently staged a comeback, targeting my demographic with a magazine ad that said, "It's all about YOU: log onto our website and tell us about your skin. We talk to you about what's best for it. It's that simple." On the next page, a computer ad featured a trendy, exotic-looking guy with hot new gadgets floating around his head, as if he were contemplating which one he wanted to play with first. Marketers want you to know that to them, YOU are unique. YOU are the master of your universe. YOU are part of the savviest generation of consumers in the most developed nation in history. Now click here to buy our product to stay even more in control of your life and conquer anything that's a threat to your own personal satisfaction.

Consumer culture wants us to stay solo and set in our ways because the longer we remain that way, the more frustrated we grow. The more frustrated we grow, the more we yearn. The more we yearn, the more we want; and the more we want, the more we buy. A famous clothing designer recently told a friend in private, "I don't sell clothes, I sell emotions." As lone consumers, we seek objects that give us the identity we want to portray to the outside: a flirty blouse, a luxury car, fruit juice with antioxidants in that really cute bottle, the new MP3 player smaller than a nostril that also donates money to charity with every download. Look how feminine, expensive, healthy, sleek, and socially concerned I am! Now let's just see what's happening on Bluefly today...

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