Sexy Mamas

Sexy Mamas

Lingerie for pregnant women sparks controversy.

A UK shop selling lingerie for pregnant women has sparked so much controversy that the shopkeeper has moved "Emily," her baby bump-bearing mannequin, to the back of the store.

According to the BBC, older residents of the North Yorkshire town where the shop opened eight weeks ago balked at the sight of a pregnant-looking mannequin in a black nursing bra. After initial complaints, the shopkeeper covered Emily with a camisole, but eventually moved her away from the store's window. She said:

"It started with people looking in the window and making comments outside and they told me their points of view that they found it offensive."

A mom-to-be who wants to dress sexy is offensive? Really? That's just biology, people! With all those hormones percolating through their bodies, pregnant women are still gettin' it on -- just ask Angelina Jolie, who hit headlines when she gushed to Entertainment Weekly about all the "creative" nookie she and Brad were enjoying.

Best of luck to that UK shopkeeper and the ladies in her town who need something to wear while they're getting a little something-something! Pregnant women -- and new moms! -- need to feel sexy, too.


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