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The Cheater's Handbook


The John Edwards scandal has got us thinking about infidelity.

The big event this weekend in relationship-land was, of course, the news that John Edwards admitted to cheating on his wife. Tango knows a bit about infidelity, and some of it may surprise you!

Affairs can strengthen a union. See: How an Affair Saved My Marriage.

Infidelity can lead to the realization that traditional marriage is not for you. See: Portrait of an Open Marriage.

Generally, though, you should try to avoid adultery. See: Tips for an Affair-Proof Marriage

If you're wondering if you've crossed the line, you probably have. See: The Gray Zone -- What Counts as Cheating? 

Finally, if you do get all Edwards-like, be discrete! See: Best Hotels for an Affair.

Photo: Mike Murphy.


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