Jagged Little Pill

Jagged Little Pill
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In a depressed economy paying for birth control isn't always easy.

Contraception costs: most of us have dealt with them at some point. The way it's played out for me is that guys pay for condoms, girls pay for birth control. (Of course, girls should pay for condoms too so you have some on hand when Mr. Responsible forgets to do his part.)

When I entered a committed relationship and stopped using condoms, (one of the many perks of being "taken,") suddenly I was paying all the birth control costs. I can afford the $20 a month (what's one less sushi dinner, right?) but it doesn't seem fair that my lovely BF isn't paying anything at all. I haven't brought this up with him recently (Hi B, are you reading this?) because it's not enough money to squabble over and we're not super precise when it comes to splitting costs. In fact, I know he makes up for it by paying our ever-increasing the gas bill.

But not everyone has a Tango salary to keep them in birth control and boys. In a post on The Daily Bedpost, Dr. Kate writes about a woman who loved the pill she was taking but had to switch because it was too expensive, and her insurance copay was too high – but at least the company paid for some of it. Which brings us to the real question: why, after all these years, do some insurance companies not cover birth control? As Dr Kate writes, "Prevention of mistimed pregnancy is one of the most important parts of a woman's health, for many years of her life." Alas, as we've witnessed, politicians, who have the power to help change these policies, don’t always want to talk about health insurance companies covering Viagra but not birth control.

So I'll continue to pay my $240 a year to keep my womb baby-free, and my man will continue to pay utilities.

Do you foot the birth control bill or do you split the costs with your beau? Does your insurance cover the pill? And has cost affected your birth control practices? Let us know in the comments.


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