The March of Shame


The March of Shame
College Humor spoofs "March of the Penguins."

Check out this hilarious spoof video of "March of the Penguins:" it's called "March of Shame" and it's about regrettable college hookups.

Walk of shame.Here's a little video for you on this Friday in August...because let's face it, you're not really doing much work anyway, right?

CollegeHumor has this hilarious spoof video of that cute little penguin documentary March of the Penguins, only this one's called "March of Shame" and it's about regrettable college hookups.

Narrated in uber-serious, Morgan Freeman-like intonations, the vid chronicles a trio of high-heel and short skirt-clad coeds who wake up next to some 19-year-old boys and then scamper across campus hoping not to get caught.

I'm a little bothered by the slut-shaming aspect of the vid -- the guys high-five each other the next day, the girls are mortified -- and that double standard ain't cool.

But from what I remember of college, it's a pretty accurate depiction of that "Oh my God, why did I go home with him last night?" morning-after feeling!

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