What’s Up With That A-Rod Guy Anyway?


What’s Up With That A-Rod Guy Anyway?
All the Alex Rodriguez in bite-sized pieces.

The New York Daily News is back to tell us that A-Rod has hired a crack team of legal eagles to work his divorce. And evidently, this legal team is strictly female. A-Rod's Angels (please let that name stick) have a history of working with athletes. Let's hope that his time with them doesn’t spark any more A-Rod hookup rumors. Best quote: "The best rule is to hire a lawyer by ability, not by sex." – Raoul Felder. Good call, Raoul. Felder recently worked with YouTube Divorce nut Tricia Walsh-Smith and lost.

New York Magazine reports… a lot. But it appears that their central thesis is that thing started spinning out of control for Rodriguez when he dropped Scott Boras after a failed attempt to flee the Yankees for greener pastures after last season. It's honestly worth giving NYMag a look just for the depth of their above-it-all coverage. Best quote: "It's perhaps instructive to think of A-Rod as the Princess Diana of baseball." – Will Leitch. Out-of-context? Yes. Hilarious hyperbole? Also yes.


So, forgive us if we skimp on the A-Rod coverage in the near future, that was a whole lot of nothing and it nearly killed us. Hitting in the playoffs is going to be a breeze compared to all this. Oh, we heard he may have a 3rd nipple.

Image from: yankees.lhblog.com

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