ISO Part-Time Girlfriend

ISO Part-Time Girlfriend

Only Sunday through Wednesday sweeties need apply.

Probably a prank, but just practical enough to be true: some fella in Chicago is allegedly looking for a sweetie on Craigslist -- but for Sunday through Wednesday nights only!

Says our Romeo:

I am looking for a single white good looking girl to be my girlfriend from Sunday thru Wednesday, because I come home to an empty house on each of those days. The problem is that both my roommates have serious girlfriends and rarely come home after work; leaving me alone and bored.

Weekends are for picking up "floozies" in bars, you see, so this part-time gal has to keep herself otherwise occupied on those prime hookup nights. He wouldn't want the other women he likes to flirt with to "mistake you for my girlfriend." So basically he doesn't so much want a "girlfriend", a "relationship" or "commitment," but entertainment when his roommates aren't around.

Plenty of couples are forced to do the long-distance thing which feels like it's part-time. This guy just sounds like he needs a DVR or a hobby (other than drinking). Really hoping this Craigslist posting's a joke -- or there's some game Chicago lady up for being a part-time sweetie!


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