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The Beauty Problem


Seeing gorgeous gals makes men think; "I could do better."

After seeing pictures of a Playboy centerfold men felt less in love with their mates than they did before looking at the bunny beauty, according to Psychology Today. This news comes from a piece called "Why I Hate Beauty" by Michael Levine, who heads a Los Angeles PR agency and is constantly surrounded by Hollywood bombshells.

"My exposure to extreme beauty is ruining my capacity to love the ordinarily beautiful women of the real world, women who are more likely to meet my needs for deep connection and partnership of the soul," writes Levine.

According to Levine, it's not that seeing the bold and beautiful makes your mate less attractive. Instead, your standards are altered -- you think the world is full of  stunners and your honey looks less enchanting in comparison. You're left thinking, "I could do better."

The article cited some pretty weird consequences. Male teachers, who are surrounded by teenagers all day, are more likely to be divorced or separated than male grade school instructors. According to this theory, Mr. Smith is less satisfied with Mrs. Smith because his expectations are skewed by the dewy glow of youth.

This news isn't surprising, just disheartening. Does this mean looking at porn really is as harmful as the alarmists would have us believe, inner beauty isn't all it's cracked up to be, and personality doesn't make you more attractive? I certainly hope not.


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