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Designer Vaginas Deemed Dangerous


Does plastic surgery below the belt feed on vulnerable women?

Doctors from the top gynecological organization in Australia and New Zealand have spoken out against "designer vagina" surgeries because they believe the operations "prey on people with insecurities and fears who actually need psychological help.''

In a plastic surgery-happy world, there's nary a frontier left on the human body that can't be expanded, adjusted, lifted, shrunk or otherwise altered. If the thought of elective surgery on the exterior of the vagina ruffles your feathers, then the G-Spot orgasm-enhancing shot probably isn't for you. But, what about surgeons remaking the nether regions is so different from every other cosmetic operation?

The Aussie and Kiwi doctors peg labioplasty as "dangerous, expensive and unwarranted," and say that the women who undergo them don't understand that labia come in all shapes and sizes. Specifically disturbing to the group was the story of one man who wanted his girlfriend's vag remade to resemble a Brazilian porn star's.

While it does seem crazy to voluntarily bring sharp objects near one's girl parts, having skin nipped or tucked anywhere requires just a little bit of mental je ne sais quoi, right? And, how is having a porn star vajayjay any different than having your face remade to look like Britney Spears'? Speaking out against just one type of plastic surgery seems to be a bit like trying to extinguish a forest fire with a bottle of Visine.


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