Love Letters On Wheels

Love Letters On Wheels

Love letter factory will help you write, package and deliver. Free of charge.

Cycling is hot right now: as a sport, an eco-friendly mode of transportation, and as a means of delivering an endangered species of communication: the love letter.

Pink: a (love) courier service sets up temporary "love letter" factories in cities around the US (it's been offered in Austin, Portland and Chicago so far), offering citizens the chance to type out words of adoration on actual typewriters. In-house poets are on-hand if inspiration is needed, then the letters are sealed in little glass bottles and delivered to your husband, lover, secret crush, favorite blogger, or whomever else your sentiments may be intended.

The brainchild of Austin performance artist Jaclyn Pryor, volunteers artists, bike couriers and other interested parties gather in love factories for two-week collectives that inspire community, expressions of love and an extensive use of the color pink.

Romance without corniness is hard to achieve, but I think Pink pulls it off. Disagree? Well, then either I've gone soft or your heart has hardened into a black, impenetrable piece of coal. Let me know what you think.

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