I Want A Fairy-Tale Wedding!

By YourTango

I Want A Fairy-Tale Wedding!
Alternative weddings are all the rage, but some still opt for tradition.

I want my wedding, like my marriage, to be timeless, not trendy. I don't want the decorations to distract from a ceremony of once-in-a-lifetime joy and beauty. I honestly don't mind if my friends forget my wedding invitations or flower arrangements. After all, I'm not doing this for them. The love of my life and I don't need to prove who we are or how unique we are. We're getting married to declare our eternal devotion to the world—one that has seen millions of lifetimes come and go. If I had to choose one thing for guests to remember about our wedding, I hope it's the look in our eyes and the sincerity in our vows.

Although I suppose I'm a member of my generation after all, since I can't help breaking a tradition or two. I already have a toaster, so I might just slip an HD-TV onto the bridal gift registry. It's not a storybook gift, but it'll do.

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