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Twins Marry, Make More Twins

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What are the odds?

The Telegraph recently reported on an interesting family: A set of identical twin women met and married a set of identical twin men. Then one of the couples produced a set of twin boys. We'd draw a diagram if we had the Web capability.

One of the twin couples (Note: We could easily use each of their names from this point forward, but is there really any point? It'll just be confusing.) met in 1998 at Twin Day, the annual Twin festival. (The other twins sure got lucky: Their siblings totally hooked them up. Or they're just lazy.)

The Texas couples went to Las Vegas, gambled, won a bunch of money, a decided to tie the knots. They have a joint ceremony, or "quarternary marriage" as it's called (who knew?) that same weekend.

Soon after, one set is welcoming twin boys into the world.

What are the odds?



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