Study: Older Women Less Happy

Study: Older Women Less Happy

Single women over 34 are less satisfied with life than men.

What are women's goals when it comes to love? Well, 90% of them want a happy marriage, according to a study reported by Reuters, and the other ten percent want to have anonymous sex with horses. (Just kidding.)

But seriously, almost everyone wants a fulfilling marriage - nine out of ten men and women want a successful union, says new research from the University of Cambridge in England and University of Southern California. The unfortunate thing is that after age 34 women are less likely than men to be married, and are more likely to be dissatisfied with life than men. It shouldn't be hard for women in their late 30s to marry, but anecdotal evidence, and now an actual study, says it is.

Other tidbits: Younger women are happier than men, but at age 48 men's satisfaction in life surpasses those of women. Men are saddest in their 20s, when they're most likely to be single.

Although some say it's better to be alone, and we know it's possible to be a healthy, elderly singleton, studies have shown that married people are generally happier than unmarried. So what's an older, un-hitched gal to do? We wish we had an answer. Until then, go for a younger guy, of course.


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