What Do You Do When Your Friends Hate Your Man?

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What Do You Do When Your Friends Hate Your Man?
When the friends don't get along with the boyfriend, things rarely resolve neatly.

However, it's a two-way street, and Allison reports that sometimes her friends aren't so crazy about her boyfriends, either. "Friends have oftentimes disliked my boyfriends. And now with perspective I can say they rightfully did. I have been connected... with less than perfect characters in my past. I often didn't see who these people really were as soon as my friends did because I was blinded by the glitter (that was really broken glass, so to speak)."

Allison illustrates an important point: struck by Cupid's arrow, many women see their beaus in a forgiving light and overlook their faults, even while their friends' intuitive senses scream, "Dump this guy!"Should You Tell A Friend Her Husband Is Cheating?

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Says Jennifer Kelton, author of the relationship book Don't Use My Sweater Like a Towel and the CEO of BadOnlineDates.com, women's occasional blindness to a guy's toxic bachelor status could be chemistry. "Why people are attracted to someone... is kind of deep on a physiological level. Often times, when women are sticking with these boyfriends, [their] chemistry is bonding with someone, not [their] heads. The woman could almost be like, 'This is the most fabulous man ever!' when he's cheating on her. There are all kinds of levels of why people stay with those who aren't right for them, and one major one is that people get chemically attached."

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Leah Rotella, who hails from Long Island, has been having problems with her best friend's boyfriend for a while, although her friend hasn't noticed. "Girls can be oblivious to how their romantic relationships negatively impact other aspects of their lives, or others period, because they're of the mentality, Well if everything's going so well, of course there's nothing's wrong..." Leah has tried talking to her friend about the situation, but her friend hasn't been receptive.

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