My Wife Sleeps With Other People


My Wife Sleeps With Other People
Jenny Block's husband opens up about their open marriage.

Readers of this book will undoubtedly form an opinion of me, ranging from flattering to downright contemptuous. I also envision another camp that suspects this story is fiction, and that I do not in fact exist at all. My purpose with this letter is not to influence these preformed opinions, but rather to provide a voice of support for Jenny. I admire the audacity and courage my wife has shown in opening up her most intimate feelings and desires to complete strangers. I want to thank her for respecting my feelings by making our experiences, rather than me, the focal point of her book.

Our relationship—that is, our marriage—has been an evolution, and I must admit that we have sailed into waters that I did not imagine when we exchanged vows ten years ago. That does not mean that I love Jenny any less today than I did those many years ago. In fact, it sounds cliché but it's true nonetheless: My love for her has grown exponentially in this time. The path we have taken is not for everybody, and we do not intend to be role models for alternative lifestyles. I believe our marriage is unique, as is everyone else's. A marriage is a bond between two individuals. When it's successful, each person plays an equal and instrumental part in creating something that neither could even aspire to on their own. What we have is ours, something that we have created together. Our journey is not done by a long shot, for we still have much to learn and experience together. I am blessed to have found a life partner who is sexy, beautiful, loving, and intelligent. She is every bit my equal, as I am hers. If the next chapter of our marriage is half as thrilling and adventuresome as the first, then I will be a happy and contented man.



From the book Open by Jenny Block. Excerpted by arrangement with Seal Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group. Copyright © 2008.

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