Secrets To A Perfect Date Outfit


Secrets To A Perfect Date Outfit
The perfect date outfit can be hard to find. Tips on how to make your wardrobe dateable.

The clothes. Unless you're going on a sporty date—say, rock-climbing—I prefer dresses to a skirt-top or jeans-blouse combo. Dresses are flirty, fun and feminine, and can run the gamut from a casual sundress (for coffee) to a fancy frock (for a night on the town). However formal the dress, pick one (just one) feature and play it up: exposed backs are titillating without being overtly sexual, a halter reveals just a suggestion of cleavage. If you want to show-off some leg, choose a hemline that's short enough to intrigue but long enough to cover your bum when you bend over. All in all, your outfit—be it dress or otherwise—should hint at how great you'd look without it on, while leaving plenty to the imagination.

Jewelry. The most important function of your jewelry is to compliment your good features. For example, if you have lovely green eyes, consider earrings that accentuate their color. If you want to attract attention to your beautiful breasts, a long drop necklace will draw the eye down. Just remember that either the necklace or the earrings—and not both—should be the attention-getter. Another idea is to wear jewelry that is meaningful to you, like a family heirloom or an item you picked up while traveling. It will be unique and serve as a conversation starter.


Make-up. Just as your mom always said, good make-up looks like no make-up at all. So opt for a subtle and natural look—it sustains the image of not having overly prepared for the date. First, even your skin tone with spot concealer and tinted moisturizer; then add dimension with a bronzer or blush, highlighting your cheek bones, forehead, nose, and chin; apply mascara and eyeliner; and finally, add a dash of color with some eye shadow and colored lip gloss.

If all this advice is starting to stress you out, also consider these words from one of the men I polled: "Does how a girl dresses matter? Of course it does—but not nearly much as women would expect. As long as her outfit doesn't portray her as someone she's not—like a librarian or a skank—then it's cool." In other words, ladies: no matter what you slip on, make sure it's you. The hottest thing you can make yourself look like is…yourself.

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