Saying "I Do" For The Health Of It

Saying "I Do" For The Health Of It
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Marry for better benefits? More than one in 20 married couples have.

It's hard to be single when certain things paying taxes, traveling, covering health care costs are cheaper for married couples than for individuals. Were I prone to conspiracy theorizing, I'd think something was up.

As SavvySugar reports, getting health insurance or paying lower premiums have served as the primary catalysts for 7% of all US marriages. Before you begin to mourn traditional unions, fear not, the article claims most of these marriages were between already coupled pairs who had otherwise decided to eschew the formality of a legal union.

Yet, those who wed for health, green cards or money do represent a real segment of our country's married population. While some conservative religious and political figures are fighting so hard to protect the sanctity of marriage, our economy is prodding some to skip the "first comes love" step and cash in on the benefits provided to two consenting adults (of the opposite sex) who choose to marry. Strange that in our country, a straight couple marrying for annual teeth cleanings is kosher while a gay couple marrying for love is not (outside the few states that allow same-sex marriage, of course).

Alas, not even the promise of a lower copay is enough to get everyone to the altar. Check out Mainstreet's man-on-the-street video polling the "Would you marry for health insurance?" question below.


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