The 10 Most Smokin' Hot Places To Take A Honeymoon


The surprising new destinations adventurous couples are flocking to.

Time was, honeymoons — or any romantic getaway, really — were about hitting the brakes after a hearty dose of sun, sand, and fruity cocktails. No longer. Blame it on our high octane, multitasking lives, but be it a Costa Rican canopy tour or a post-Olympic taste of Beijing, couples have been finding some pretty exciting ways to charge their shared battery. "My office is overrun with newlyweds in need of malaria pills and Tetnaeus shoots," says Marvin Cooper, MD, a Manhattan travel doctor whose clientele until recently mostly consisted of journalists and human rights workers.

Topping the twosomes' lists? South Africa, he says. Numbers seem to bear this out. Since 2002, the number of Americans, especially couples, booking trips there has been on a strong upswing (well outpacing competing destinations like Australia, Brazil, Kenya, and Morocco), according to data compiled by the South African Tourism Board. With its mix of culture, beach, wildlife, and adventure, the country's hitting all the right notes. 

Check out what other honeymoon destinations are a hit with honeymooners. 



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