World's Smallest Hotel

World's Smallest Hotel

"Marriage House" a popular spot for newlyweds.

At a mere 173 square feet, the "Eh'haeusl" or "marriage house" has quite a large reputation. The Bavarian hotel, built in 1728, is a fixture in South Germany's history, according to Reuters.

What does 173 square feet get you? Three stories, actually: The first floor is the entryway, the second floor the bathroom, and the third, the bedroom.

The structure was built by placing a front, back, and roof between the tiny space between two existing buildings. Voila: a cozy home for two. Actually, the space served many a newlywed, as it's name "marriage house," implies: According to 18th-century law, couples who intended to marry needed to own property to do so. The tiny house was quickly constructed and passed from couple to couple to allow lovebirds a way to the altar.

Since then, it's undergone a massive renovation, as seen in the video tour, and has become a honeymooners' attraction. What a romantic way to celebrate the nuptials, no?

On that note, maybe you're no longer a newlywed; maybe you can't make it to Germany. In either case, hotel stays are one of our favorite ways to spice things up. Nothing like a quick getaway to break the dinner/TV/reading in bed routine. Tango tracked down some equally interesting hotel hot spots in the States–perfect for revving up the engines (if you get our drift). For example:

W Hotels: Its Feel the Wuv special promises Vosges Haut-Chocolat bon-bons, Jimmyjane massage lotions, and “Passioneers”–romance concierges who track down any erotica you desire–making going outdoors unnecessary., $229 per night.

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