Online Dating For Real Geeks Only

Online Dating For Real Geeks Only

If you're not versed in Klingon; you're probably better off elsewhere.

Geek chic is so prevalent these days, it's nearly cliché.

So, when checking out, a site billing itself as "A Dating Space Where Gray Matters," I was expecting to encounter a bunch of trendy geek touches, like thick-rimmed glasses and Battlestar Galactica discussion forums.

Mensa ads on the home page and a browse through the site's video links (a girl completing a Rubicks Cube in 17 seconds, an animated "Code Monkey" music video) assured me SweetonGeeks is not for "feeks" (faux geeks), and that only the truly nerdy need apply. Adding further to its geek cred is the founder, who once sought geek love himself. He writes on the site about knowing he'd found his wife when "he met a girl who at first seemed like all the rest. Until, she laughed with a snort and a chortle at his Star Wars references."

Not sure if you're light saber savvy enough to make the cut? First, check out Tango's field guide to geeks, then consider the following snippets from a couple current member profiles:

"I'm looking for possibly a gamer girl or maybe an otaku chick to hang out with, although both in one may or may not be ideal, since I've never actually encountered one in the wild... "

"I saw an ad for this place floating around an Anime convention. Ridiculous, I know, but I couldn't help but give it a shot regardless. I'm not looking for a relationship or anything, but meeting new people is always fun. I'm always down for social gatherings and late-night Tekken marathons. Or the ever-so-awesome MST3K/soda combination."

While most profiles do side heavy on tech, games and Sci-Fi, these Above-Average Joes and Josettes are really all just looking for love online.


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