Celebrity Ins, Outs, Facts, And Fictions


Celebrity Ins, Outs, Facts, And Fictions
Alyssa Milano, Seth McFarlane, and Mena Suvari all have something going on.

We bumped into a few celebrity odds and ends that didn't merit their own posts. One or more of them strain credulity.

Alyssa Milano: No more baseball players
The Who's The Boss starlet has decided to stop dating baseball players according to the Houston Post Chronicle. Alyssa Milano has dated Brad Penny, Barry Zito, and Carl Pavano. The article mentions that she dated Tom Glavine also, but that seems like a stretch. Like someone saw a picture of them together and made it a fact in Wikipedia. Weird. Anyways, we're psyched that Milano is a fan of the game. She's like a modern day big league Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon from Bull Durham). And before she totally rules out ball players she should be consulted about his A-Rod divorce business.

Family Guy and Amanda Bynes?
Is Seth McFarlane (the mega-millionaire behind Family Guy) dating Amanda Bynes? Film.com's The Evil Beet reports that McFarlane seemed smitten by the 22-year old Bynes. Does this seem like a stretch to anyone? Sure, not as much of a stretch as Tom Glavine and Alyssa Milano but a stretch nonetheless. Though she did voice stuff for 1 Family Guy episode her predictable, family-friendly body of work would usually be ridiculed by the show's writing staff. We're not sure if one or the other is dating up or dating down. A real headscratcher.

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