I Dated A Couple

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A woman falls for two friends. . . at the same time.

Monogamy isn't for everyone, but for most of us, being with one person at a time is enough. Of course, you may know someone in an open relationship or non-monogamous marriage, you may have even flirted with the idea yourself, but chances are you decided it wasn't for you.

That's what Nerve writer Naomi H. Lane thought, too, until she fell for two friends at the same time, friends who were already dating each other. This is a threesome like you've never seen before. We've excerpted the beginning of the essay below; visit Nerve to read the whole thing.

Polyamory used to be something that happened to other people — paunchy swingers in the suburbs with chest hair, hippies sprawled on rattan pillows. I imagined harems, armpit hair, hairiness in general. Multiple partnership always struck me as either a new age cop-out from the realities of relationships, or a frat boy fantasy — either way, it was gross. "Polyamory" sounded distasteful — scientific even, like a subspecies of amoeba — and nothing like the half-formed thoughts and desires I could barely admit were my own. So when I found myself falling for two of my friends last summer, I was quite literally at a loss for words.

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