Virginity in a Vial

Virginity in a Vial

What the world needs now is vaginal tightening cream.

Hot on the heels of hymenoplasty news comes liquid virgin (via Feministing). According the to promotional copy, ladies desiring a narrower love tunnel should apply a few drops 15 minutes before sexual activity. The active ingredient is potassium alum, which has astringent properties that causes skin to pucker, and is often used in deodorants and leather tanning. An excellent choice for the vagina, no?

A quick perusal of Amazon reveals scads of pussy-condensers: Oh So Tight Shrink Cream, Like a Virgin Tightening Pleasure Gel, China Shrink Cream, to name three, all of which utilize potassium alum. Dear readers, have any of you tried this stuff? If so let us know.

For the record, Tango does not endorse vag tightening creams. If your hoo hoo really needs work try some kegels (or just have sex for beginners. " href="">anal sex).


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