Election Or Kissing Contest?


Election Or Kissing Contest?
Match.com users think Obama's a better kisser than McCain.

But what does this really prove? It proves that Obama is younger and better looking than McCain and that 23% of those polled are mildly racist, gerontophiles, or just McCainiacs. It's a good thing for McCain that this election is not going to come down to a swimsuit competition or an endorsement from first wives. And Obama is lucky that the electorate doesn't make decisions based on fighting/ drinking/ cussing ability or bipartisan record. Nope, this election is going to come down to important things like sound bites, vague promises, and economic/ war-time prevailing winds rather than anything explicitly to do with the actual candidates. Sorry, Mr. Jefferson.

If John Edwards were to get the VP nod from Obama those guys would lock up every single magazine cover from now 'til 2012. And would probably inspire the GOP to start a crash-effort to younger and handsomer. When was the last time that the Republicans had a good-looking, charismatic national-level politician? Dan Quayle notwithstanding.

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