The Suburban Swingers Club

By YourTango

The Suburban Swingers Club
A sneak peek behind the scenes, beyond the sex.

Three things struck me about the club atmosphere and clientele: everyone seemed to be in a great mood (and this is before the action of the night began), lots of people seemed to know each other and everyone seemed pretty relaxed. The owners ran their club like a business, socialized like a host and hostess would anywhere, and seemed proud to preside over a club that so many people "in the lifestyle" called home on weekend nights.

As for the swinging and social scene—strange—yes. Sexual—absolutely. Sleazy? Only a few people who were so scantily dressed my head spun. Surreal? You bet.

But, on the surface, and behind the scenes, it was all very well-orchestrated as couples who'd communicated online met up or new ones greeted others. For the swingers that Saturday night, life seemed pretty good at the Tabu Social Club. People may not understand it or condone it, but perhaps they ought to respect the choice. Whether you are a woman swept up in thinking about the swingers phenomenon or curious to explore it, the big question on your mind must be this: Why do married women do it? How can they actually step into this world? Stay tuned for my next article, where five happily married women swingers speak out about the motivation, the meet-ups...and the sex!

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