Jay-Z Requests Beyonce-Shaped Melon

Jay-Z Requests Beyonce-Shaped Melon
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Fishy news coming from Australia.

According to Australia's LiveNews, hip hop mogul Jay-Z requested that an African hotel staff split a watermelon in two and carve it into the likeness of his wife's rack.

Jay was in Nigeria to perform at the THISDAY charitable music festival last Friday when he reportedly made his bizarre request. And what would two Beyonce melon breasts be without matching cherry nipples? This story broke in London's Daily Mirror newspaper, which carries a reputation more for shock value than delivering honest-to-goodness truth.

I wonder how Beyonce feels about this. Flattered? Slightly disturbed?

While this story's validity seems "watery" (pun intended), I'm still dubious that this pair is actually hitched. Off all the Jay-B rumors, the "coupled for PR purposes" strand seemed to be the least dished about in the tabloids, so I'd put my money on it being true...


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