Quiz: What's Your Dating Style?

When dating, are you a bashful blusher? A techno flirt? Youniverse reveals.

Building a social network online, for dating purposes or otherwise, just got a lot more fun.

Youniverse.com profiles your dating, love, mind, party and personality types--to name a few--based on the images you select to correspond to prompts such as "I find this the funniest..." or "To me, sexy is..." At the end of the quiz, your profile is revealed, along with how your image choices correspond to all other Youniverse participants.

Turns out finding salad in someone's teeth funnier than the most popular choice of cartoon animals having some sort of sex and a toned plumber in action sexier than a couple kissing in the rain makes me a Techno Flirt. One office mate chose the cartoon animals and the plumber and came out a Bashful Blusher.

Matching people based on their creative minds and the images that speak to their ideas of love, satiation, security, fun, etc. is a novel approach that stands out in a crowded niche online dating market. And, at the very least, it's a fun midday distraction from work.

Find out your dating style here.


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