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Priests Dump Bride and Groom

Priests Dump Bride and Groom

Church: thanks, but no thanks

According to the Boston Herald, California's religious leaders are getting out of the marriage business. "After the California Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in May, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California began encouraging all couples to marry outside the church," says the newspaper.

An Episcopal bishop recommended couples marry in a secular service and then seek a blessing from their church. These priests have had enough! First people wanted to get married, then divorced, then remarried, and now they want to marry people of the same sex!

On top of that, religious leaders are sick of "drive-by weddings": You know, a couple selects a church, gets married there, and never returns. So they'd rather skip the whole pain-in-butt process. The process that scores them upwards of $2300 a ceremony.


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