A Diagnosis For The Lonely

A Diagnosis For The Lonely

True Forced Loneliness. Three angry YouTube users reveal who's to blame.

As much as we poke, prod and dissect them, relationships are not, nor ever will be, an exact science.

Yet a group of YouTube-happy, lovelorn men have joined forces online in order to promote their own scientific theory on love, which they call "True Forced Loneliness." TFL is a condition affecting innocent souls longing for love who have been socially rejected and thereby prevented from ever finding a wife, boyfriend, what have you.

The perpetrators of this condition? Not the socially challenged, slightly demented founders of this movement who expect they're due a life partner. No, the three males founders of TFL, now famous for their often misogynistic, foul-mouthed YouTube video posts have banded together to spread the word that it's the women (and men) who choose not to be with them and other like them who are guilty. If you've ever politely declined someone's advances, according to this theory, you've put that person at risk for TFL and a life of solitude and loneliness. It's only a matter of time before Congress gets wise and evil, rejection-happy people everywhere start serving time for their heartless crimes.

Seriously, the suffering of loneliness is universal, so sympathy goes out to the TFL crew. Scientifically speaking though, blaming others for one's own misfortune, especially when it comes to love, is about as fruitful as attempting to mate a penguin with a mule.

Watch "Bill"'s explanation of TFL below.


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