Hos Ruin Everything

Hos Ruin Everything

Girls are too confusing; says a new book.

The New York Daily News published an excerpt of a new book, Save the Males: Why Men Matter, Why women Should Care, which defends adolescent boys who are simultaneously told to respect women while watching them degrade themselves. Here's an excerpt of the excerpt:

"The rise of America's slut culture would seem, on the one hand, a boon to males, whose legendary attraction to visual stimulation has rarely been so eagerly indulged. On the other hand, the sight of so much flesh from coffee through cocktails must be discombobulating, especially to young males, who report being perpetually aroused.

"Such males may be forgiven if they're not sure when greeted by a comely lass whether to grab a sword or a sheath-of the latex variety. Or perhaps a shield. To walk down any street in almost any town or city today is to be taunted by a parade of approaching midriffs featuring pierced navels and retreating 'tramp stamps' tattoos that rise like bait from too-tight, low-riding britches."

Here's what I have to say about this: Deal with it. The author, whose statement of "Look but don't touch" has never been more rigidly enforced or more confusing, seems utterly disgusted with adolescent female society. Aren't they trying to figure it all out, too? They are under pressure to be perfect: pretty enough, sexy enough, alluring enough. The only way they know how to react is to wear less. These days, just because you dress like a ho doesn't mean you are one. So, again, deal with it.


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