Kyra Sedgwick On Life As A Working Mom

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Kyra Sedgwick On Life As A Working Mom
"The Closer" star talks about being a bi-coastal wife and mother.

Sedgwick embraces the character's contradictions. "The amazing thing about Brenda is she's so incredibly intuitive about everybody else and hasn't a clue about herself. Fritz is always telling her to be more aware, be more conscious. She isn't really interested in having a clue, but she likes that fact that he is. And she thinks he's hot!"

Off screen, Sedgwick has been married to actor Kevin Bacon for nearly 20 years, since they met on the set of the TV movie Lemon Sky in 1988, marrying that September. They have two teenage kids, Travis, 19, and Sosie, 16. Asked if there's a secret to having a solid two-decade marriage, she shakes her head. "No secret. Honestly, we just got lucky. I have no words of wisdom about that."


Perhaps living away from Hollywood helps. The Manhattan-born actress' home base remains in the New York metro area, though she spends half the year in L.A. shooting "The Closer," away from her family. She gets emotional when the subject of leaving them comes up.

"It's challenging. It's kind of a 'one day at a time' thing, to tell you the truth. It's actually become harder as the years have gone by, rather than easier, probably because I see the time slipping by. My daughter has only two more years at home," Sedgwick says, choking up a bit. "You're like, 'Should I be here, or should I be there?' You're constantly asking yourself, 'Have I done the right thing or have I done the wrong thing?' And what I always come back to is I know it's right because I don't think I would be here if it wasn't, and I don't think it would be as much of a success if it wasn't the right thing."

Nevertheless, doubts still persist. Even though Sedgwick says Sosie has adjusted to her absences and that by pursuing her career, she's "showing her to follow your bliss and all that bullshit," she clearly misses her terribly. "It's like, 'Mom's not here and she's missing stuff.' So it's hard," she sighs.

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