Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is

So woman decides to sell both on Craigslist.

More than 500 people responded to recent online ads selling both a home and the affection of its current owner, a single mother of two teens eager to turn over her deed and her heart.

When traditional means of finding love such as online dating and scoping night clubs came up dry, the Associated Press reports that one South Florida woman decided to use the next logical forum. No, she doesn't have her own reality TV show or a YouTube following. Yet. Instead, she thought to kill two birds with one ad and sell her love along with her 2,000 square-foot West Palm Beach home on eBay and Craigslist.

Forty-two-year-old Deven Trabosh insisted to the AP that her ads, listing the package deal at around $500k, were not about selling "herself" but her "love."

"I'm sincere. I believe in true love," she said. "I want to get married again." And, if that marriage happens to be to a European man willing to rescue a "Princess Lost in America," as the tanned blond tagged herself, that'd be even better.

A Craigslist spokeswoman implied that a woman selling her home and gaining a spouse in one fell swoop isn't the craziest concept out there: "Scads of couples have met and, thus, married through craigslist over the last twelve years sometimes marrying the person who bought their tired couch." EBay apparently didn't share these sentiments when they took down Trabosh's ads.

Whether you see this move as nutty, ballsy, gold digging or a combo of the three, I think Trabosh deserves props. She's not kicking back on her white leather sofa in her gated community complaining about her crap luck in real estate and love. She's taking a risk and going after what she wants. Plus, look how well selling his life worked out for that Australian fellow.

(photo courtesy of AP)


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