"My Boys" Star On Dating: Timing Is Key

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"My Boys" Star On Dating: Timing Is Key
Jordana Spiro dishes about dating on and off the set of her hit TV show.

"I want a partnership," declares Spiro. "And I'm not totally convinced that the term marriage these days symbolizes that partnership. With a 50% divorce rate I don't know how much it counts anymore." She believes many relationships fail because of unrealistic expectations. "I think we collectively feel like being happy means being happy at every given moment, and I don't know that that's what we should be looking for," she muses, offering the idea of contentment as a more attainable goal. "For some reason we have it in our minds that we need exuberant happiness otherwise there's something wrong. I think our expectations are a little high. We should just have a more realistic view of it."

Spiro does "absolutely" want children, but doesn't hear any ticking clocks. "Not yet. But I love kids," says the actress, who grew up with three sisters and a brother in New York City.


Trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and with such previous credits as The Huntress, One World, and JAG on TV and the movie Must Love Dogs, Spiro has two upcoming film comedies to add to her resumé: she'll play Jimmy Fallon's childhood crush in The Year of Getting to Know Us and play Jeremy Piven's love interest—and James Brolin's daughter—in The Goods: The Don Ready Story.

But she's not ready to leave P.J.—or what she calls "the best job ever"—any time soon, and she finds that playing one of the Boys does have its pluses and minuses. Her sports knowledge quotient has gone way up, she reports. But her poker game, she confesses, isn't any better.

"Actually," she laughs, "I think I've gotten worse!"

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