"My Boys" Star On Dating: Timing Is Key

By YourTango

"My Boys" Star On Dating: Timing Is Key
Jordana Spiro dishes about dating on and off the set of her hit TV show.

"In my early 20s I lived in a house where I was the only girl with seven guys," she relates, noting that she has "adopted more girlfriends as I've gotten older. It is really a different dynamic," she compares male and female friends. "I think you can be as close with guys, but the nature of the relationship is very different." Also like P.J., Spiro has experience with unrequited love.

"I've had where I wanted it to be more," she concedes. And in another scenario, "He wanted it to be more with me and I just wanted to be friends. So he put aside his feelings. And then it reversed. But he had a girlfriend. Timing is everything!" she laughs.


What attracted her to her current boyfriend, who's also in show business?

"It's that indescribable connection—it's undeniable. It's the bond of friendship. And he's got nice eyes," smiles Spiro, whose biggest problem these days is finding time to see him. "I see why people date people in the industry. It's the scheduling," she explains. "You go from unemployed and having nothing to do to being so busy that you literally can't get your laundry and there's no food in the refrigerator. It's hard. I think a lot of people want to understand, and do for maybe six months to a year, but then they don't." She realizes busy lives aren't exclusive to Hollywood, "but it helps that your mate gets what you're doing." She's not sure, however, that she wants to be married.