Online Dating for Single Parents?

Online Dating for Single Parents?

Single parents need love too.

Imagine getting back into the dating scene, ready to find someone special, only to dread dropping the K-bomb? Single parents have built-in baggage, not that children should be seen as such (I know, I have one), but the self-imposed kind that comes with telling a date that you've got someone waiting for you at home. And not the furry kind of someone.

I'm sure a good 80% of people react just fine to hearing their date has kids. But the impending doom of broaching the subject is enough to keep single parents from even making it to that point in the relationship. You want people in your life that are going to accept and admire all facets of your life, especially the little ones you've taken the time to create and raise.

I suppose that's why Andrea Carliss created The online dating site is for single mums (it's British!¦) and dads looking for a little companionship. It's all out there. No reason to "spill the beans" everyone on the site is in the same boat. With divorce rates on the rise, it seems to be a logical next step.

The site looks pretty great, although I'm not sure how many U.S. members are active. But if you're even slightly curious, if worth the few clicks to sign up, right? (During nap time, of course.)


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