The Contender


The Contender
Speed dating proves fruitful for Rajul.

See, Denise (my roommate) and I have a little contest going this summer based on who can have more summer flings. There's a chart and everything, with little stickers and a guide sheet of rules. We do not play around. BTW, if anyone falls for a guy and ends up in a serious relationship before Labor Day, they are automatically disqualified, shamed to the public and have to tattoo 'LOSER' on their arm (in henna - we're not that crazy).

Speed dating got me kind of riled up, ready for the competition to begin. Now Denise is a professional (dater, not prostitute) and she's beautiful and smart to boot, so this won't be easy. But I decided that with the seriousness that is my past love life, I could use some fun.

So I'm in it to win it. Let the games begin.

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