7 Relationship Deal Breakers

By YourTango

7 Relationship Deal Breakers
Men tell us what it takes to turn them off.

5. She's a therapy junkie. There is one sentence I never want to hear from someone I'm dating: We should go to couples therapy. If it's not working, move on.
-Ben, 28

6. She has an abrasive laugh. I once went on a date with this woman and when she laughed it sounded like a donkey braying. It was loud and grating and just plain obnoxious. I figured that if we dated I would constantly be looking around, feeling like people were staring at us so I just never called her again.
-Max, 26


7. She's in her twenties. Yeah, the sex might be great, but who cares if you can't even have a conversation?
-Otto, 39

What are your deal breakers, girls? Tell us below!

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