Planning Your First Big Trip: 6 Travel Tips For Couples

By YourTango

couple at a scenic view
Essential travel tips for planning a vacation you'll both enjoy.

5. Eat It Up
Most guys care more about when they eat than where. The big fight on my trip with Lorri was over food. We'd spent every single meal together for almost month and the endless hunt for sustenance got to both of us. Later I realized that I just wanted to eat alone, which was precisely the outcome of the spat. Food can also lead to unexpected bonding. Both James and his future wife got into some bad fish in Indonesia and spent untold hours reading each other For Whom The Bell Tolls, while trading off between the bathroom and the bed. From the way he told the story, it was clearly one of his fondest memories from the journey.

6. Bringing Sexy Back
This is the whole point of the trip, right? If not, maybe you should hold off on going away with your man. Because while he waxes poetic about the deeper meaning of travel, he's thinking of hotel sex. Lots of it. And why not? Half the fun of getting away from home is that lack of accountability, so use the hotel room to the fullest and don't bother keeping your voice down. No one else will.

The take-home advice? Plan together. Flying by the seat of your pants is sexy and fun when solo—but it's frustrating when traveling as a twosome. Save the spur-of-the-moment stuff for the occasional day trip. Plan wisely, and the maiden vacation voyage will make the relationship. Bon voyage!

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