Empathy Deficit Disorder

Empathy Deficit Disorder


Not very sympathetic? Maybe you have it.

I've always felt a little aloof, a little apathetic. It's as if I missed the chapter on how to deal with others' emotions. Turns out, it's a disorder. Well, psychotherapist Douglas LaBier thinks so, at least. He was quoted in this CNN article on the subject.

The writer detailed personal interactions, and LaBier diagnosed her. Ok, so you're a little cold. Big deal, right? Well, LaBier says EDD causes everything from war to divorce. Ack!

Ok, how do I fix this? By faking it! The key to learning to be empathetic, says LaBier, is to first learn and model to ask the right questions, those that allow the listener to voice their feelings. So, things like, "That sounds difficult," and "How did that make you feel?"

After learning to ask these types of questions, natural curiosity will pick up the slack, and you'll be EDD free before you know it.

I'm going to try this. I'll keep you posted! How does that make you feel? (Just kidding.)



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