Wedding Gift Alternatives

Wedding Gift Alternatives

Wedding gifts don't have to be boring!

Wedding season is fast and furious in mid-June. If you haven't already been to one already, chances are, you're heading down the aisle sometime soon.

It's easy to get wedding-present burn-out pretty quickly. How many place-setting purchases have really been that exciting? And don't you secretly want to be the one that gives them that gift? The one they rave about? Here's your chance.

Gifting site serves up experiences. Send the happy couple on a schooner sailing adventure ($125) or send a personal chef to their home for a three-course dinner party ($3,450).

Now, as you can see from the above prices, things can get a bit pricey. But maybe these guys saved your life, rescued you from a deserted island, or played matchmaker to you and your spouse.

Search by region or lifestyle category, and gift certificates are always an option. Happy gifting!


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