Running From Mr. Right

Running From Mr. Right

Can too many Mr. Wrongs make us wary when meeting Mr. Right?

At some point in a woman's life, provided she's single long enough, she'll come to know what one could call dating burnout.

It's like the possibility of finding Mr. Right has cried "wolf" one too many times. She's had enough of engaging third dates that never lead to number four, months-long relationships where commitment talk is taboo and otherwise feeling like she's settling for someone against her gut instinct--just because he's there. Hopeful becomes skeptical, so that when a seemingly "good guy" comes along, warning flags abound: "uh oh, we've been here before."

So was the case for The Frisky's Natalie Krinsky. After burning out on one too many bad boys, she met "The Good Guy." His Good Guy behavior (attentiveness, dependable communication, a desire to "woo" her) proved cause for suspicion:

"I felt like an American tourist in the far reaches of the world that had chugged the drinking water and ate all the locally grown delicacies and now was paying the price in a hotel bathroom... Immediately I was put on Relationship Code Orange. Something had to be up. I just couldn't figure out what it was. Maybe he had two families."

When dating disappointment feels more relatable than fulfillment, we Stockholm-Syndrome ourselves into thinking we need to stay within the barriers we've built to protect ourselves and our captor, Team Disappointment. Changing this behavior can be tough.

For Natalie, she fought the good fight and held her potential Mr. Right outside her walls as long as possible. But, as good guys can do, he found a way to break in, scoring one for Team Fulfillment and reigniting flames for burnt-out daters everywhere. Read the rest of her story here.


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