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A Friendly Arrangement?

A Friendly Arrangement?

Friends with benefits: Not as beneficial as we might think.

Whether it happens spontaneously on a random night out, pathetically after you've been dumped or it's the consummation of long-term lust, sleeping with pals always seems to get sticky.

The True Hook Up Confessions readers were agonizing over their Friends With Benefits (FWB) this week. Is hooking up with friends a great arrangement or not all it's cracked up to be?

I don't know the reason but after a hook up with my fwb I sometimes feel great and then other times not so much.

So we are fwb. Thats it. You know what? I'm cool with that. Cause I've got other "friends" too.

I have a sense you are falling. It was supposed to be FUN Remember??! I f***ing hate that you were the one who told me not to get emotionally attached.. WTF are you doing??? I hate how pushy, and needy you are getting when all we should be doing is bang-bang-buh-bye ahh yes I do want a boyfriend but not you. Why do you think I chose you? because you are so not boyfriend material!

I have an FWB too! I have also started to fall for him. In reading all of the posts about FWB's, I am starting to realize that this is all a sham. We like these people but instead of going through the typical painful dating process, we skip straight to sex and intimacy. I have been spending an absurd amount of time and energy on FWB and it has kept me from dating other guys.

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